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Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Did you know that as a taxpayer, you have a Bill of Rights?  Most taxpayers mumble and grumble about the [...]

Is That The IRS Knocking At Your Door?

There’s a knock on your door and the person tells you they are from the IRS.  Are they? People can [...]

Steps To Take If You Are Victim of A Data Breach

THE DARK WEB.  Is your information out there?  You try to protect your information, you take the suggested steps by [...]

Taxpayer Help From The IRS

The IRS reminds taxpayers they have a variety of options to get help filing and preparing their tax return on [...]

Getting an Income Tax Refund in 2018

TAXPAYER HELP FROM THE IRS The IRS reminds taxpayers they have a variety of options to get help filing and [...]

Tax Season 2018

The Internal Revenue Service announced that the nation’s tax season will begin Monday, Jan. 29, 2018 and reminded taxpayers claiming [...]

Ten Tips for Choosing a Tax Preparer

It’s the time of the year when many taxpayers choose a tax preparer to help file a tax return. These [...]

Did You Receive A Letter From The IRS?

Are you nervous to open the envelope to review the contents? Before your blood pressure rises, take a breath and [...]

Surfin’ With The IRS

OK, the holiday shopping is done, so what is there to surf on the internet?  Have you ever checked out [...]

What Are You Giving To Charities This Holiday Season?

TIS the season of giving and as we near year end, we think of giving gifts not only to those [...]

Is Santa Looking Over Your Shoulder?

TIS the holiday shopping season and you are surfing the internet for the perfect gifts.  You have a few minutes [...]

PHISHING or Fishing?

The IRS has experienced more and more potential harm being caused to taxpayers by the sophisticated individuals who have nothing [...]

Estate Planning for Marriages With A Non-Citizen Spouse

While traveling abroad as a student, John met Grace. Grace was a citizen of Spain. Love at first sight, they [...]

The Ever Expanding Definition of What Constitutes A Will

One of the most important legal documents an individual can ever execute is his or her Will. Until recent years, [...]

So Do I Still Need a Trust in NJ?

For New Jersey residents, the New Year delivered the scheduled increase in the New Jersey Estate Tax exemption from $675,000 [...]