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Household Employees

You have the luxury of a cleaning person.  A neighborhood kid cuts your lawn or shovels your snow.  You have [...]

Preparing for Disasters

We are in the midst of hurricane season and while most of us do not have to worry like some, [...]

Robocalls – How to Recognize Them

IRS scams and phishing, identity theft, this scam, that scam — What’s This World Coming To? Scammers are creative.  Must [...]

Do You Need To Amend Your Income Tax Return?

Just when you have finally put last year’s tax returns away, you get a piece of mail that requires you [...]

Tax Scams Aren’t Seasonal

One might think that since April 15 has passed, so has the season for tax scams. Think again. There is [...]

Here’s What Taxpayers Should Know if They Get a Notice From the IRS

Certain taxpayers might get a letter from the IRS this year. It’s called an IRS Notice CP 2000. It gives [...]

On-Line Deposit Accounts

Everyone wants to make the best return on their hard-earned money and many people shop around to find the best [...]

The Future of Dying

As we look back in history, the memorialization of the deceased have been very diverse among the cultures of our [...]

Will You Make Your Kids Angry After You Die?

During my career of doing estate administration, I found in the earlier years that the beneficiaries were more appreciative of [...]

Being Safe and Secure Online

I know you keep hearing about online security and soon you will say, if you haven’t already, that I am [...]

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?

You think about it but are concerned about a large capital gain if you have owned your home for several [...]

The Sharing Economy – How It Can Impact Your Taxes

You have decided to take the whole family and a few extended family members on a trip to Hawaii.  In [...]

Nice To Meet You

It is so nice to meet you.  But, you ask, how did we meet?  I don’t recall meeting you.  Is [...]

Weddings and Taxes

What an odd combination you might think.  But it is something to be considered when planning a wedding.  No, unfortunately [...]

Online Shopping

Summer is around the corner and whether you are shopping online to get ready for a vacation or relaxing while [...]