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Attention Retirees

You have worked hard and have now retired.  You receive pension and/or annuity benefits, have taxes withheld and all is [...]

Avoid Penalty for Underpayment of Taxes

So, as much as we grumble and grouse about paying taxes, imagine how you would feel if you received a [...]

Paycheck Checkup

Like most working Americans, when we start a new job, we complete a Form W-4 to direct our payroll withholdings [...]

Did You Know Taxpayers Can Connect with the IRS on Their Mobile Phone?

If you have questions regarding taxes, you can access the IRS mobile app, IRS2Go, which is available for free to [...]

A Dangerous Assumption – No Need to Do Estate Planning

With changes in the tax laws at the federal level as well as changes to state death tax laws, some [...]

Rethinking Old Trusts and Your Estate Planning

If you have a trust, you may think that their original purpose no longer seems compelling. Your estate plan may [...]

Freezes on Credit Reports

Are you interested in freezing your credit report/line to help avoid identity theft?  Good News – Congress has recently passed [...]

Think you do not have anything to leave behind? Think Again! (Part 4 of 4) – Living Will and Advance Directive

You have now prepared your Last Will and Testament and have named your Attorney-In-Fact in your Power of Attorney, but [...]

Think you do not have anything to leave behind? Think Again! (Part 3 of 4) – Durable Power of Attorney

Ok, so now you have a Last Will and Testament where you have directed where your assets will go after [...]

Think you do not have anything to leave behind? Think Again! (Part 2 of 4) – Wills

Now that you have considered all of the various possibilities that you may amass a sizeable estate when you pass [...]

Think you do not have anything to leave behind? Think Again! (Part 1 of 4)

We hear it time and time again. People considering whether or not to have estate planning documents done, but stopping [...]

Tax Return Copies and Transcripts

The IRS recommends that taxpayers keep a copy of tax returns for at least three years. Doing so can help [...]

Have You Looked At Your Estate Plan Lately?

You have most likely heard the phrase “the only certainties in life are death and taxes”, but have you thought [...]

Did You Get A Letter Or Notice From The IRS?

First of all, DON’T panic until you read the letter or notice. Every year, the IRS sends millions of notices [...]

Beneficiary Designations

Do you know who your beneficiaries are on your life insurance policies and retirement accounts?  Are you sure?  When was [...]