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Last Instructions

If something were to happen to you right this very moment, how easy or difficult would it be for your [...]

Handling Sensitive Information

Whether you think about your home or your office (in office or remote office), do you have confidential or sensitive [...]

Birthday Basics

You will never forget your birthday (even though you may want to). Every time you make another trip around the [...]

Income Tax Refund Myths

Tax season is once again behind us and if you are entitled to a refund, you are anxiously awaiting for [...]

Do You Owe Money to the IRS? Help is Available.

So, the dreaded news is received – you owe the IRS.  What to do?  Fear not; there is help available.  [...]

Joint Owner vs. POA

Getting your financials in order is something everyone would like to accomplish. Making sure that the bills are being paid [...]

Who’s on Your Team?

Team?  Do you really have a team?  Think about it – you certainly do.  In fact, you probably have several [...]

Receive a Notice from the IRS? Don’t Ignore It!

While many of us panic to see a piece of mail from the IRS, it isn’t always bad news.  So, [...]

“I Care a Lot”

“I Care a Lot” is one of the most popular movies on Netflix recently. The movie follows Marla Grayson who [...]

Medical Emergencies for Non-Married Couples

Are you in a long term relationship? Do you know what will happen if you or your partner have a [...]

Green Burials

These days, we hear much about “going green”, leaving an “environmental footprint”, “climate change”, etc.  We are all responsible to [...]

Income Tax Filing For Seniors and Retirees

If you are a senior or a retiree, do you know that you can file your income taxes for free [...]

Important Tax Tips You Need To Remember

We received a little gift in that the deadline for our 2020 income tax returns was extended until May 17, [...]

Income Tax Filing Deadline for 2020 Taxes

The IRS has announced that the filing deadline for individuals – Form 1040 – has been extended until May 17, [...]

Long-Term Care Insurance

The cost of care in a nursing facility continues to rise.  The cost of the same is dependent upon the [...]