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Your Child Reaches the Age of 18 – They Are an Adult Now

The Fourth of July is behind us and the start of a new school year will be here before we [...]

Owe Money to the IRS?  Reduce Your Debt for Pennies on the Dollar

Who hasn’t seen these ads on television claiming that if you owe taxes, the advertiser can settle your debt for [...]

Individual Income Tax Return Processing To Be Completed

Are you one of those taxpayers who is waiting for a refund on your 2020 income tax return?  Well, if [...]

Were You The Beneficiary Of An IRA Owned By A Decedent?

If you are/were the beneficiary of an IRA or a qualified defined contribution plan participant that was owned by someone [...]

“Where’s My Refund?” Online Tool Has Been Enhanced

Still looking for a refund to your returns filed?  Unlike in previous years, you can now track refunds for the [...]

Some Reminders If You Are Selling Your Home

Summertime and the moving trucks are busy.  If you are selling your home, here are some important reminders: Some or [...]


That could easily become our buzz word these days.  Especially given what we have been through in the past couple [...]

Taxpayers Should Open and Carefully Read Any Mail from the IRS

The IRS mails letters or notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons including: • They have a balance due.• [...]

Are You Looking For Your Federal Tax Refund?

You have filed your taxes and are expecting a refund on your Federal Return.  How can you check on the [...]

New Jersey Financial Wellness Website

New Jersey recently launched a free website called NJ FinLit.  This site is sponsored by the New Jersey Department of [...]

Where Are the Originals of Estate Planning Documents That Have Been Superseded?

Hmmmm, good question.  Probably one that you have never thought about.  This issue came up for discussion during a recent [...]

Duties of a Trustee

You have completed your estate planning and have created a trust.  Do you know what the duties of your named [...]

Would You Help Someone Die?

What would your reaction be if someone you loved asked you to help them die?  If someone was diagnosed with [...]

Special Saturday Help from IRS Available Without an Appointment on April 9, 2022

As the federal tax filing deadline approaches later this month, the Internal Revenue Service announced that many Taxpayer Assistance Centers [...]

2018 Federal Income Tax Refunds

Time to think – or to check – did you file a 2018 federal income tax return?  If not, might [...]