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Keeping Economic Impact Payment Notice

If you received an Economic Impact Payment, you would have received Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment.  This Notice should [...]

Do You Know The Telltale Signs Of A Tax Scam?

We are constantly hearing about security and technology and perhaps are turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to [...]

Challenges for Taxpayers Due to COVID Pandemic

Mid-March, the height of income tax season.  Add to that the COVID Pandemic and where does that leave taxpayers?  Well, [...]

Safekeeping Original Documents

Where are your original estate planning documents?  In a safe place – right?  That safe place could be a safe [...]

Ownership of Assets by Non-Married Couples

You and the love of your life have lived together for years being perfectly content not being married.  You have [...]

Recordkeeping for Stocks Not In a Brokerage Account

Gone are the days of paper stock certificates to evidence ownership of stock.  Now, if your stock is not held [...]

Owning Property Used By Others

You have a second home – either at the shore or in the mountains and you are very generous with [...]

Know Your People

“People”?  Yes you have “people”, we all have “people”.  So, who are your “people”?  They include, but are not limited [...]

Owning Property In A State Other Than The State You Call Home

Your dream – to own a home in the mountains or a home at the shore.  Unless you live in [...]

Caregiver Compassion

Is there someone in your family receiving services from a caregiver?  It could be a family member or someone who [...]

Coronavirus Relief on Retirement Plan Withdrawals

Have you found the need to take a withdrawal from your retirement plan during this pandemic or are you thinking [...]

You Gotta Keep Goin’

OK, so I know that isn’t grammatically correct, but it did get your attention, didn’t it? We completed our series [...]

The 2019 Income Tax Deadline Is Quickly Approaching

We have all been through the most unusual four months of our lives with the pandemic.  Something that has not [...]

Funeral Service Shopping: Planning Tips Part 7 of 7

Part 7 – Planning Your Own Funeral Pre-planning your funeral is not morbid.  It is being thoughtful and considerate of [...]

Funeral Service Shopping: Planning Tips Part 6 of 7

Part 6 – Interment Options We have been talking about funeral arrangements in prior segments and now we will look [...]