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Don’t Make These Estate Planning Mistakes

I know that I have written in the past about estate planning, but as time passes, we see more and [...]

Do You Have an IRS Online Account? Should You?

You may ask why you should have an IRS Online Account.  And, what exactly is an IRS Online Account? An [...]

It’s a New Year – Let’s Stop Wasting Money

Whether we admit it or not, we make resolutions when a new year rolls around.  You are going to do [...]


“Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.”—Dr. Albert Schweitzer December is a month of celebration for [...]

Identity Protection PIN

If you want to protect yourself from tax-related identity theft, you can opt into the IP PIN program offered by [...]

The Latest Holiday Scam – Gift Cards and Taxes

There are nice people who work for the IRS – pretty much a thankless job.  And, they would love to [...]

IRS Cautions Taxpayers about Fake Charities

It seems like every day we receive pleas from charities to make donations for their cause.  Some we recognize;  others, [...]

A Gift Like No Other

An occasion – birthday, religious holiday, cultural holiday – is in the near future and you are thinking of gifts [...]

It Isn’t Too Early To Start Getting Ready For Tax Season

Yes, you have heard the expression “You are rushing the season”.  However, it usually does not pertain to tax season!  [...]

So, You Don’t Think You Need A Last Will And Testament?

You are married and you own everything jointly with your spouse. You don’t have much in the way of assets. [...]

Signs of Dementia

Let’s face it – as we get older, we tend to forget things.  But, when we seem to notice it [...]

2021 Gifts to Charities

As we near the end of the year (it will be here before we know it), you may be thinking [...]

Accessing the Digital World

We are using the digital world more and more with each passing day.  Not only do we use it for [...]

Required Minimum Distributions from Retirement Accounts

Based upon your age, you may be required to take minimum distributions from your retirement assets.  If you don’t, then [...]

Estate Planning 2021

Whether or not you follow all of the activity and talk happening in Washington, one topic that you might want [...]