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What Are You Giving To Charities This Holiday Season?

TIS the season of giving and as we near year end, we think of giving gifts not only to those [...]

Is Santa Looking Over Your Shoulder?

TIS the holiday shopping season and you are surfing the internet for the perfect gifts.  You have a few minutes [...]

PHISHING or Fishing?

The IRS has experienced more and more potential harm being caused to taxpayers by the sophisticated individuals who have nothing [...]

Estate Planning for Marriages With A Non-Citizen Spouse

While traveling abroad as a student, John met Grace. Grace was a citizen of Spain. Love at first sight, they [...]

The Ever Expanding Definition of What Constitutes A Will

One of the most important legal documents an individual can ever execute is his or her Will. Until recent years, [...]

So Do I Still Need a Trust in NJ?

For New Jersey residents, the New Year delivered the scheduled increase in the New Jersey Estate Tax exemption from $675,000 [...]

The Future of Death Taxes

The last few months have brought dramatic changes in the taxation of an individual’s assets upon his or her death. [...]

Get Rid of That Old Will!

In 1994, Helen M. Weste executed a Last Will. She was single and had no children. The Will made three [...]

Taxes First: Specific Bequest Cannot Be Used to Offset Promissory Note

Christopher C. Economaki, a widower, died on September 28, 2012. He was survived by his two daughters, Christine and Corinne. [...]

Special Alert: NJ Kills Estate Tax

On Friday, September 30, after two failed attempts, the third time was the charm for lawmakers from both sides of [...]

Gifting Homes to Children Can Be Creating A Gift For the Government

Older adults are often concerned with preserving their homes from long term care costs. For many years, the solution has [...]

Court Properly Added Beneficiary To Case Seeking Removal of SNT Trustees

Abbie Dorn, while delivering triplets in 2006, suffered catastrophic injuries and was left permanently disabled. A medical malpractice action yielded [...]

Will a Special Needs Trust Affect My Child’s Government Benefits?

“Will the trust affect my child’s benefits?” In over 25 years of practicing law, this question is constantly asked. The [...]

Early Eligibility For Social Security: A Potential Benefit For Spouses Who Care For Children With Disabilities

Parents who care for children with disabilities almost invariably incur additional financial challenges than others. They often pay for additional [...]

Powers of Attorney: Practical Tips for Executing, Using and Revoking

By Thomas D. Begley, III, Esq. Co-Authored by Brittany A. Verga, Esq. Although most people initially think that a Will [...]