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IRS Urges Caution With Email, Social Media And Phones

The Internal Revenue Service continues in its fight against cyber criminals and is constantly finding new ways that these criminals [...]

Income Tax Extension Deadline Is Nearing. Are Your Taxes Filed?

If you didn’t file your income taxes by May 17, 2021, and requested an extension, October 15, 2021 will be [...]

IRS Tax Return Processing Update

The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate Service recently released the mid-year report to Congress.  Here are a couple of the highlights [...]

Estimated Income Tax Payments

When you file your individual income tax return, do you usually owe taxes?  If you do, then this is an [...]

Good Information That Bears Repeating

We seem to be inundated with information to the extent that we can be overwhelmed.  What should we pay attention [...]

Love Notes from the IRS

This year, tax season was extended to May 17, 2021; an extra month to file those Forms 1040 or to [...]

Paying the Right Amount of Taxes

Take a look at your paystub and you realize the amount of taxes that are being withheld from your pay.  [...]

Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you have a safe deposit box?  If so, do you know what is in it?  Do you need it?  [...]

Saying “I DO”

You or someone you know is planning or has taken the step to say “I DO”.  Marriage changes many things [...]

Things to Remember When Selling a House

The temperatures outside are hot and so is the current real estate market.  It is a seller’s market.  Just speak [...]

Last Instructions

If something were to happen to you right this very moment, how easy or difficult would it be for your [...]

Handling Sensitive Information

Whether you think about your home or your office (in office or remote office), do you have confidential or sensitive [...]

Birthday Basics

You will never forget your birthday (even though you may want to). Every time you make another trip around the [...]

Income Tax Refund Myths

Tax season is once again behind us and if you are entitled to a refund, you are anxiously awaiting for [...]

Do You Owe Money to the IRS? Help is Available.

So, the dreaded news is received – you owe the IRS.  What to do?  Fear not; there is help available.  [...]