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Have you reached or are you approaching 70-1/2 years?

When you reach the age of 70-1/2, you are required to begin taking retirement plan distributions.  Failure to do so [...]

Here’s What the IRS Recommends that Taxpayers Should Do to Protect Private Data

(a reprint from an IRS notice) Taxpayers should protect their personal and financial data from criminals who continue to steal [...]

ABLE Accounts

You may have heard mention of ABLE accounts.  So, what is an ABLE account?  ABLE stands for Achieving a Better [...]

Record Retention and Disposal

You made it through tax season and you start thinking about the accumulation of records that you have for tax [...]

Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans

You are fortunate to have an IRA or a retirement plan. You learn that you can take early distributions.  Oh, [...]

IDENTITY THEFT – Don’t Let It Happen To You

We hear about identity theft often these days. Yes, we may get tired of hearing about it, but identity theft [...]

Where’s My Refund?

You filed your taxes and are entitled to a refund, but you haven’t received the refund yet.  What should you [...]

Payment Options When You Can’t Pay Taxes Owing in Full

Your taxes are prepared, you have received the unfortunate news that you owe taxes, BUT you are not able to [...]

How to Pay Taxes

Your taxes are prepared and OUCH – you owe.  Were you aware that there are several payment options available where [...]

Be Prepared to Validate Identity if Contacting the IRS

Tax season is in full swing and you may find a need to contact the Internal Revenue Service about your [...]

Additional Tips in Choosing a Tax Preparer

A couple of weeks ago we talked about resources to help in preparing your return.  If you haven’t prepared your [...]

Questions About Tax Reform?

For over a year we have been hearing about the December 2017 Tax reform legislation.  But, how does it affect [...]

Preparing Your 2018 Tax Return

We are now beyond February 15 when income tax information was to have been sent out.  If you haven’t already [...]

Avoiding The Rush

Below is a notice published by the IRS with regard to the upcoming Presidents Day holiday and the increased calls [...]

Income Tax Refunds

Are you lucky enough to be receiving a refund for overpayment of income taxes?  Here are some tips from the [...]