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Benefitting a Charity Through Your Estate or Trust

You would like to benefit your favorite charity through your Estate or Trust, but is leaving a specific bequest in [...]

Are You Thinking About Retirement?

Who will you be when you retire?  Many of us identify ourselves through our career, but when we retire, that [...]

Talking to Aging Parents About Finances

You see your parents aging and you begin to become concerned about their finances.  They may not have shared much [...]

What Should You Do If You Get A Letter Or Notice From The IRS

The IRS mails letters or notices to taxpayers for many different reasons.  Other than panicking, what should you do if [...]

Are You One of the 13.9 Million Americans to Receive IRS Tax Refund Interest?

If you had an overpayment on your 2019 federal income tax return, you may be receiving interest on the overpayment.  [...]

Death Taxes

Death taxes are commonly referred to as INHERITANCE tax or ESTATE tax.  Some states have both, some states have neither [...]

IRS Unveils ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Tax Scams For 2020 – Part 4

Fake Payments with Repayment Demands: Criminals are always finding new ways to trick taxpayers into believing their scam including putting [...]

IRS Unveils ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Tax Scams For 2020 – Part 3

Scams targeting non-English speakers: IRS impersonators and other scammers also target groups with limited English proficiency. These scams are often [...]

IRS Unveils ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Tax Scams For 2020 – Part 2

This week we continue our IRS Dirty Dozen list of tax scams. Social Media Scams: Taxpayers need to protect themselves [...]

IRS Unveils ‘Dirty Dozen’ List of Tax Scams For 2020 – Part 1

Each year, the Internal Revenue Service releases its annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams.   This year, there is a [...]

Keeping Economic Impact Payment Notice

If you received an Economic Impact Payment, you would have received Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment.  This Notice should [...]

Do You Know The Telltale Signs Of A Tax Scam?

We are constantly hearing about security and technology and perhaps are turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to [...]

Challenges for Taxpayers Due to COVID Pandemic

Mid-March, the height of income tax season.  Add to that the COVID Pandemic and where does that leave taxpayers?  Well, [...]

Safekeeping Original Documents

Where are your original estate planning documents?  In a safe place – right?  That safe place could be a safe [...]

Ownership of Assets by Non-Married Couples

You and the love of your life have lived together for years being perfectly content not being married.  You have [...]