Scam Alert: You Don’t Need a Certified Deed

All of us want to make sure we keep important original documents. Problems certainly can arise if one loses bonds, stock certificates or their Will.  However, one document which can be lost without any negative repercussion is a Deed.

When an individual takes title to a home, his or her deed is recorded in the County in which the property is located.  Although the original deed is returned to the property owner after it is recorded, the ownership of the property is preserved even if the deed is lost.

Unfortunately, there are groups which are running scams telling people they need to get a “Current Grant Deed” and a “Property Assessment Profile”.  If you call or send them payment online, they will give you a “certified” copy of your deed and information re your property.  All for $83.  THIS IS A SCAM!

Deeds are a public record.  Most can be obtained online at no charge. A copy can be made from the county office for a fraction of the cost.  The property information supplied can be obtained free from one’s township and the internet.

One of the biggest offenders is a group called Record Transfer Services.  These low lifes are based in Westlake Village, California.  What they provide is garbage.  If you see solicitations like this from any outfit, discard same.   Avoid the waste of money.


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