Robocalls – How to Recognize Them

IRS scams and phishing, identity theft, this scam, that scam — What’s This World Coming To?

Scammers are creative.  Must be nice not to have anything else to do but come up with new ploys to intimidate and steal from law-abiding citizens.  The elderly are particularly vulnerable in these ploys and so easily fall prey to the scams.  Here are a couple of new ways people have gotten creative:

You get a call that talks about health insurance.  If you listen to the scheme that they can get you better insurance for a lower price, you are then asked to press 1 to speak to an agent.  When you press 1, you may not be directed to a legitimate representative but to a scammer. 

You receive a call from law enforcement stating that a warrant has been issued for your arrest due to your failing to appear for jury duty.  Surely, if you received the notice that you were called for jury duty you would remember.  Don’t fall for this call.  If you have doubts as to being called for jury duty, contact your county clerk’s office. 

A call stating that your Social Security Number has been compromised or that there is an enforcement action against you.  You will be asked to verify your Social Security Number and from there, the scammer will use your SSN to commit crimes.  If in doubt, call your local Social Security Administration office, not the number provided in the robocall.

Medicare fraud is becoming more common.  You get a message from a pain center because someone at your number requested information about medical equipment.  You may qualify for the equipment at a reduced or no cost to you.  You need only press 1 for more information. 

As you can see, scammers are creative.  Don’t buy into the robocalls.


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Kay Sowa is a paralegal in the Trusts and Estates Group at Capehart & Scatchard, P.A. She is an IRS Enrolled Agent, an Accredited Estate Planner®, and a Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor. She oversees the trust and estate administration practice for the firm. She is an accomplished author and lecturer who has frequently spoken on behalf of a number of organizations including the National Business Institute and the Institute of Paralegal Education.

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